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1401 327th Ave NE, Carnation, Snoqualmie Valley 98014, United States
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Welcome to Mosaic Montessori

Our program is comprehensive, allowing children the time and freedom to ask questions, explore new ideas, and create their own curriculum collaboratively. In our program, children have the unique opportunity to grow and develop their curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills. We encourage children to explore both the classroom and the outdoors, giving them ample time to play and connect with nature.

​Our vision is to create a community where we help raise and educate well-rounded children. Our aim is to teach children the value of caring for their environment, family, friends, and community. At Mosaic Montessori, we believe in inclusivity and respect for all children. We understand that each child has unique life experiences and emotions. Therefore, we meet each child at their developmental level and provide them with the tools they need to grow and develop into their greatest potential, while also fostering their independence.