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31951 W. Bird Street, Carnation, Snoqualmie Valley 98014, United States
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The Empower Youth Network invites you to join our mission of promoting and inspiring youth to lead safe, healthy, and successful lives. Our Vision is Building Better Futures for Youth.

This important work must involve all sectors of the community in collaboration to change norms and environmental conditions that influence personal health decisions. You are invited to bring your energy, passion, and care to meetings, events, and initiatives.

Together, we are creating a caring community.

The Network helps build, support, and coordinate community leadership to promote health and wellness through effective strategies to make the Snoqualmie Valley a place where all residents thrive.

Since 1994, the volunteer EYN Board and the Healthy Community Coalition partners have assessed needs, built capacity, facilitated planning, implemented strategies, and monitored outcomes addressing a variety of challenges including youth substance abuse, youth suicide, and violence prevention.

The Network facilitates meaningful community dialogue by hosting several important annual events and initiatives including the Key Leaders Summit, the Be the Change youth leadership conference, the Rise & Shine Awards to recognize outstanding volunteers, and the Build Better Futures for Youth Scholarship program that recognizes youth who have focused time and energy in creating a caring community. In addition, the Network provides coordination support for the Healthy Community Coalition, Network board, Youth Councils and parent education initiatives throughout the Snoqualmie Valley.